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Last Call for Charcoal Restaurant, Which Will Close Tonight

Last Call for Charcoal Restaurant, Which Will Close Tonight
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For seven years, Charcoal Restaurant has been one of the best-kept secrets in the Golden Triangle, a place to stop for a lovely lunch or a quiet happy-hour meeting. Alan Salazar, Mayor Michael Hancock's chief of staff, was in the lounge area on January 18; former governor Dick Lamm and his wife, Dottie, had grabbed a table in the dining room. But despite its almost cultish following (and truffled french fries), owner Gary Sumihiro will close Charcoal at the end of service on Tuesday, January 23.

Here's some of the message that Charcoal Restaurant posted on its Facebook page announcing the news:

Dear Fans and Loyal Customers of Charcoal Restaurant,

Charcoal Restaurant will be closing its doors after dinner on Tuesday, January 23rd.

Many of you have become loyal friends, customers, and fans of Charcoal Restaurant. We thank you for your support and patronage for the almost seven years we have been in business.

Charcoal Restaurant's closing is simply a business decision — we cannot devote as much time as we would like, and as the restaurant needs. We're closing on a high note, thanks to your support....

Thank you for your dedication and friendship!
 - Charcoal Dining Group 
Charcoal will be open for lunch and dinner today, January 23, at 43 West Ninth Avenue. "Join us for one last hurrah," Sumihiro urges, "as we raise our glasses and say thank you to our amazing staff, supportive fans and cherished friends."

And that won't be your last chance to get a taste of Charcoal. Sumihiro opened a second restaurant, Charcoal Bistro, at 1028 South Gaylord Street in the fall of 2016. Not only will that spot remain open, but Charcoal's original chef, Patrik Landberg, will be staying on.

Read Gretchen Kurtz's review of Charcoal Bistro here.

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