Chipotle founder Steve Ells's $85,000 investment that foiled the world

Saturday, July 13, marks the twentieth anniversary of Chipotle Mexican Grill, the homegrown burrito chain that Steve Ells opened near the University of Denver in 1993. His $85,000 investment -- a loan from his parents -- has since spawned more than 1,400 stores around the world, making Chipotle the holy grail of bulging burrito supremacy. And in this week's Chef and Tell interview -- also this week's cover story -- I interview Ells, the founder, co-CEO and chairman of the Chipotle empire.

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In that interview, I learned, among other tidbits, that there are thirteen "characteristics" required of Chipotle employees, who now number more than 40,000. One is "infectious enthusiasm." Another is "happy" -- you must be happy. Half-time happy doesn't cut it.

Truth be told, I wouldn't make the cut, but you might have better luck. To find out what other personality traits Ells and his management team look for when they hire crew members, many of whom are long-time employees who have moved up through the ranks, read Ells's provocative interview here.

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