Reader: I Was Done With Chipotle Long Ago
Mark Antonation

Reader: I Was Done With Chipotle Long Ago

In July 1993, founder Steve Ells opened the very first Chipotle at 1644 East Evans, in a former Dolly Madison. In the 25 years since, the concept grew into a chain with more than a thousand locations spread around the globe. 

Over that time, it also weathered health challenges and management changes, and inspired similar companies that helped turn Denver into the fast-casual capital of the nation. But in October, Chipotle will close its headquarters in the Mile High City, where it all began, and move operations to Southern California.

Says James: 

Don’t scare me like that, I thought the actual restaurants were going away!

Responds Gregory: 

Fuck Chipotle. It used to be good; it used to have high standards for quality and quantity; you used to be able to walk out with two meals for $10. What happened? You got greedy and your whole business went to shit.

Notes James: 

I’ve been eating at Chipotle for more than a dozen years and have never once had any issues or known anyone else who has. Honestly, the entire e.coli thing was blown up way more than was necessary or logical.

Says Chris:

Food's okay, but the queso is by far the worst I have ever had. How you guys brought that to market is beyond me.

Adds Chris: 

I was done with Chipotle long ago. Qdoba is 10 times better. Or for that matter, Del Taco.

And Scott salutes another homegrown chain:  

As long as illegal Pete’s stays the course, I’ll be fine.

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The first Chipotle opened July 13, 1993, on East Evans Avenue.
The first Chipotle opened July 13, 1993, on East Evans Avenue.
Anthony Camera

"So Long Chipotle: It Was a Tasty 25-Year Run for Denver"

Turns out, Chipotle won't be moving here.
Turns out, Chipotle won't be moving here.

"Chipotle Will Move Headquarters to Forty Story Skyscraper Downtown" "Ten Ways Chipotle Could Regain Its Mojo"

Just eight months ago, Chipotle had announced that it was moving from LoDo into a forty-story skyscraper in downtown. So what's happened since then?

Founder Ells was ousted from his CEO role, replaced by former Taco Bell exec Brian Niccol. (Ells remains executive chairman of the board.) Niccol decided to move the company to California, and is making other Taco Bell-inspired changes, including drive-thrus.

What do you think of Chipotle moving its headquarters from Denver, where it started? What do you think of its food today? 

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