Chipotle rates a slot on Gustavo Arellano's ten most important burritos in history

Gustavo Arellano, author of Ask a Mexican and a big fan of Den-Mex cuisine, has burritos on the brain these days, "and not just because of the whole pendejada involving Chipotle putting short stories by authors on its cups and bags...none of whom are Latinos," he says. "While America loves to gorge on the cylindrical gods, they seem to not care about its past, its history, its pioneers."

So he set out to rectify that with a list of the ten most important burritos in history. See also: Gustavo's Arellano's favorite Den-Mex joints

And number six is a local hero -- none other than Chipotle. As Arellano writes:

As much as Chipotle is annoying me right now, I'm also not going to deny their pioneering status--they're the Rick Bayless of burritos. For it was Chipotle CEO Steve Ells getting "inspired" by San Francisco's Mission-style burrito that America has loved the most. It's Chipotle and its copycats that spread to college towns across America, hooking an entire generation on its foil-wrapped bombs. And illiteracy notwithstanding, Chipotle has done a great job in pushing for the use of non-GMO, non-hormone meats and veggies.

See the entire list of the ten most important burritos in history here.

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