Coffee at the Point is opening in Five Points this fall

A new coffee and tea lounge will open its doors this fall in Five Points serving java, loose leaf teas, ice cream, pastries and breakfast burritos, with an emphasis on serving products made by local vendors. Coffee at the Point will take over the space formerly occupied by Blackberries, 710 East 26th Avenue.

Owner Ryan Cobbins says the new shop will differentiate itself from Blackberries -- also a coffee shop -- which closed its doors earlier this year. "It's not only for coffee drinkers, but there's also a piece of catering to those folks who don't drink coffee, and the location is large enough to have different special events," Cobbins says.

"One of the focuses that we want to put in," adds Cobbins, "is kind of a strategic alliance with other businesses in area." By forming such partnerships, Cobbins -- who is himself a Five Points resident -- says he hopes to not only cater to the neighborhood but also attract customers from elsewhere.

Cobbins, who's opening the shop with his brother Donovan and fiancee Maggie Baldwin, says his interest in opening a coffee shop stems from a preference for self-employment as well as a commitment to community.

"What has always been important to me is having some sort of flexibility to do the things I want to do; to own and operate something you can call your family business is something special. My kids will grow up in that Five Points community. To have something they can run to after school ... If something happens I can literally walk home," he explains.

"Coffee shops have kind of a history of not only bringing people together but kind of that relaxing, nurturing environment."

Cobbins says he expects Coffee at the Point to open its doors in late September.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.