Cook needed at Venue -- and don't f#@& it up

Word went out yesterday that James Rugile was looking for a fresh body for the line at Venue: "James Rugile needs a part time line cook ASAP," his Facebook status update reported, emphasis on the ASAP.

I put in a call to Venue and spoke with one of the managers, wh said that Rugile was looking for someone who's "just an all-around cook." Venue does lunch and dinner, so the applicant must be flexible. And because the restaurant has some pastry on the dessert menu, a bit of rounding in the gentler galley arts certainly wouldn't hurt. It's a part-time gig, but this being the restaurant industry, I'm guessing that just means something less than 100 hours a week.

Keep in mind, though, that Venue is a great restaurant -- one of the best we have right now. And Rugile is a great cook, who fixed me some plates that will hang with me for a very long time.

So if you're considering throwing your toque in for this gig? Don't fuck it up, okay? Be serious in your trade. Love the food. Understand that being a cook in a good house is one of the greatest jobs in the world, so do your best not to mess up the good thing that Venue has going.

Beyond that, though, have at it. Resumes are still being accepted at Venue, so best of luck.

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