Curtis Park Creamery, Squeaky Bean and other names that leave you clueless...

Naming a restaurant isn't the same as naming a baby. When you name a newborn, you have no idea what kind of personality the kid is going to have. Restaurateurs, however, know exactly what to expect from their new kitchen (in terms of cuisine, at least), and generally pick names that convey this to diners.

Thus, Jelly is -- no surprise -- a breakfast spot, Cuba Cuba serves Cuban food, and Pho 79 ladles up...well, you get it. But some restaurants buck the trend, choosing names that, while clever, point guests in the wrong direction. See also: - First look: Jelly Cafe is now open in the DU neighborhood- Photos: Pho 79 opens on the 16th Street Mall - Chef and Tell: Phat Thai's Mark Fischer

Squeaky Bean, for example, isn't a coffee shop; Modmarket isn't a hip place to pick up groceries; and the long-gone Bamboo Hut dished up not island cuisine, but Mexican.

Then there's Phat Thai, which sounds straightforward until you read this disclaimer on the website: "This isn't a traditional Thai restaurant. We are not Thai. We're not even Asian. Not even close. Hell, we've only visited Thailand!"

For my review this week, I visited Curtis Park Creamery, another restaurant whose name doesn't begin to do justice to the food. Find out what kind of fare is served at this family-owned spot in historic Curtis Park when the review is posted here tomorrow. Hint: It's not ice cream!

In the meantime, post your own nominations for oddly named restaurants in the comments section below.

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