Danny Cash opens a hot-sauce outlet in the southern suburbs

Over the past ten years, Danny Cash has built a business on crafting custom hot sauces, wing sauces and rubs -- and several Denver restaurants put his creations on the table as a proprietary blend.

The private-label man also has a label of his own, though, and he recently opened his very own hot-sauce outlet -- Danny Cash Hot Shop -- in the southern suburbs.

That retail outlet features a slew of Cash's hot sauces, including fiery blends made with habanero, garlic, mango and lime. We had a chance to sample a few of them, and while we had our favorites -- the garlic serrano was great on scrambled eggs, for instance -- we liked the entire line for its decisive heat; not a single one left us wanting for more chiles.

In addition to the hot sauces, Cash makes condiments and wickedly spicy Bloody Mary mixes, which will clear out your sinuses and kick your hangover, if only because you'll be experiencing a new kind of pain.

And if those options aren't spicy enough, the hot-sauce fiend also makes a number of products with naga jolokia -- also known as the ghost pepper, the hottest pepper on the planet. If you're that kind of glutton for punishment spice enthusiast, you'll find a run of sauces or a little keychain capsule of powder to sprinkle over your food on the go.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.