Reader: Denver Can Always Use More Great Pizza!
Mark Antonation

Reader: Denver Can Always Use More Great Pizza!

As nighttime temperatures drop, diners get more interested in pizza and other warming dishes. And they'll soon have more options: Paul C. Reilly, co-owner of Beast + Bottle and Coperta, will be opening Coperta Pizza in the new Broadway Market. Meanwhile, after more than three years of dishing up great deep-dish pies on West 38th Avenue, Denver Deep Dish just changed its name to Crush Pizza & Tap, to emphasize that it's more than just a deep-dish joint.

But the photo of a deep-dish Crush pie had (some) readers salivating:

Says Joey: 

Tell me that picture doesn't look amazing!

Responds Daniel: 

That looks horrible.

Adds Rachel: 

Looks a lot like Blue Pan's pizza.

Notes Adrell: 

I've been to Bar Car a couple of times. As a former Chicagoan, that pizza was amazing. I'll have to check these guys out.

 IAnd Carl concludes: 

More pizza! More pizza! I've been disappointed in some of the pizzas I've found around town, but Denver can always use more great pizza.

Keep reading for more pizza news.

Reader: Denver Can Always Use More Great Pizza!
Mark Antonation

"Denver Deep Dish Adds Styles, Changes Name to Crush Pizza & Tap"

Reader: Denver Can Always Use More Great Pizza!
Mark Antonation

"Chef Paul C. Reilly Adds Pizza to Upcoming Broadway Market" 
Reader: Denver Can Always Use More Great Pizza!
Maureen Witten

"Lubo's Makes Pizza a Family Affair in Centennial"

Jason McGovern started selling his Chicago-style pizza out of a walk-up window at Bar Car more than six years ago. In 2015, he opened Denver Deep Dish as a stand-alone restaurant at 1200 West 38th Avenue.

Now he's changing the name to Crush Pizza & Tap. But the pizza isn't changing...much, although McGovern is introducing a hand-tossed pie and emphasizing other menu items. "I want our diners to think of us as a pizza restaurant, not just a deep-dish pizza restaurant," he explains.

What do you think of McGovern's pizza? The news that Coperta Pizza will open in the Broadway Market? What's your favorite pizza in town? Post a comment or email cafe@westword.com.

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