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Reader: Soon All Neighborhood Joints Will Be a Thing of the Past

Where will you be eating brunch this morning? Not at the Harvey Park Grille, which closed after less than four months.
Going, going, gone.
Going, going, gone. Harvey Park Grille Facebook
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In February, Jelly Cafe founder Josh Epps opened an eatery in the former Rosemary Cafe space at 2133 South Sheridan Boulevard. But within four months, Epps closed the Harvey Park Grille.

A local of Harvey Park, Epps had hoped that the eatery would keep young professionals in the neighborhood, which is lacking in quality dining options. But he had to wait eight months for the city to approve the restaurant's permit, and he also ran into unforeseen construction problems in what he initially thought was a turnkey property. “The bottom line is, the exorbitant amount of time and costs to build out the space cut into our operating budget,” he explains. He'd planned for a year’s worth of loss, but with about half as much business as he'd expected once the restaurant did open, Harvey Park Grille just wasn't getting by.

In their comments on the Westword Facebook post of the news, readers offer some suggestions of what cut down that business. Says Jordan:
I grew up over there, and my almost seventy-year-old parents still live in Bear Valley. We went to Rosemary's all the time when I was a kid. I shed a tear when another great diner bit the dust, and when I saw the sign for Harvey Park Grill, I immediately checked out the website. The first thing that came to mind was "read the fuckin' room." That place stood zero chance. Good riddance. I don't know what yuppie clientele he thought would frequent that Harvey Park. Now all someone has to do is turn it back into a no-frills diner and watch the profits roll in. For the record, Jelly sucks, too.
Adds Damian:
No one in this area wants to pay $15 for two pieces of French toast.
Notes Shawn: 
Yep, some basic market research could’ve saved them the time.
Responds Daniel:
Went four times. Friday night had to wait for a table. During the week, quick seating. Food was good, I liked the menu. Sad it didn't make it.
Adds Jane:
The food was amazing --  when it arrived at the table. The drinks were ridiculously overpriced, especially for the location. Wish they’d pivoted and corrected instead of closing.
Replies Jay: 
It's low-income and retirees all around there! This bonehead thought he could bring yuppyville gentrification to the area. I'm glad it scared the uppity ones off!!..
Suggests Kathy: 
Should have stayed with breakfast and lunch, and should have kept a diner menu! Should have opened it as a breakfast place to begin with; it would have done better. But they were expensive, the menu was not that diverse and he only had one waitress working!
Concludes Tom:
Soon all neighborhood bar and grills will be a thing of the past.
Did you try the Harvey Park Grille? Had you been to the previous occupant, the Rosemary Cafe? What do you think would work in this location? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected].
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