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Reader: Keep Those Independent, Mom-and-Pop Eateries Going!

Bistro Vendome will be open for brunch today.
Bistro Vendome will be open for brunch today. Danielle Lirette
On May 27, restaurants across Colorado were allowed to reopen — as long as they follow stringent guidelines, including limiting customers to 50 percent capacity or fifty people, whichever number is lower; keeping tables at least six feet apart; and making sure all employees wear masks. (In some municipalities, customers must wear masks when not eating, too.)

But while some restaurants, such as Bistro Vendôme, were quick to reopen, others revealed that they will not reopen at all — including [email protected], Oceanaire and Morton's.

See our list of restaurants that have reopened here, and keep reading for some reader responses:

Says Sue: 
I will patronize as many of this city's independent restaurants as I can. Keep those mom-and-pop eateries going: They give Denver so much of its flavor!
Adds Ron: 
I hope all the "stay home save lives" folks are ready to spend the rest of their miserable lives eating at Taco Bell and Applebee's.
Says Nicole: 
I'll go only if there is a huge patio and I can be safely distanced from others. If I am not able to be six to eight feet from others to order, to sit, to pay, to use the restroom, etc., then I’ll play it safe and stay away. 
Counters Bob:
Crybabies, stay the fuck home, please. When the rest of us start going out, nobody is going to want to hear your shit about what we should or shouldn't be doing. Stay home, order Grubhub and Drizzly, and stay tuned into MSNBC and CNN for your orders. 
Responds Shaughnessy: 
As long as the experts say it's safe for others. Not worried about contracting the virus, but don't want to spread it to others. But gosh, I miss bars and breweries.
Says Mitch: 
Eating at a restaurant is way safer than going to the grocery store, gas station, Home Depot or Walmart with all the restrictions in place!
And then there's this from Nando: 
This corny ass magazine should highlight all the local businesses that are NOT going out of business more. I can tell you I could care less about some overpriced steakhouse with a dress code going under.
Have you been out to a restaurant over the past few days? What did you think? And what businesses do you think we should be writing about? Post a comment or send your thoughts to [email protected]
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