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The Complete Guide to NFL Football Bars for Non-Broncos Fans

Sorry, Raiders fans. We can't help you.
Wide Right serves wings and fans of the Buffalo Bills.
Wide Right serves wings and fans of the Buffalo Bills. Molly Martin
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The National Football League is back in action, and even though all eyes are on the University of Colorado football and new head coach Deion Sanders this year, there’s no question that Sundays are still for the NFL.

The Broncos lost their first game against the rival Raiders, giving some fans déjà vu, despite new head coach Sean Payton’s efforts to change things up at Empower Field at Mile High. For those in Denver who don’t consider themselves citizens of Broncos Country, the city still has plenty of places to root for your team.

Here are the best team-specific bars in metro Denver where you can catch games this NFL season:
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Hayter's is for Bears fans, while nearby Swanky's caters to the Packers faithful.
Catie Cheshire


Hayter's & Co
1920 Blake Street

Wyman's No. 5
2033 East 13th Avenue

The Bears just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to their rival Green Bay Packers. Chicago’s NFL team took a loss in week one even though longtime Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has relocated. Still, fans of the team shouldn’t despair yet, and at the very least, they can gripe together. Wyman’s No. 5 is known to break out in song when the Bears score touchdowns, and it offers plenty of football specials on drinks.
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The bar may have a new name, but it's still a gathering place for Bengals fans.
Molly Martin


Origins Bar and Grill
266 South Downing Street

Esters (Oneida Park)
2201 Oneida Street

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow took TikTok by storm last season, impressing on the field and off it while inspiring many adoring fan-cams. Before this season started, he became the league’s highest paid player thanks to a new contract from Cincinnati. Enjoy rooting for them at a few places in town, including Westword’s 2023 pick for best sports bar, which is now called Origins Bar and Grill after being taken over by new owners. It’s still a great place to say “Who Dey?”


Wide Right
2100 Curtis Street

Jackson's LODO
1520 20th Street

Esters (Virginia Village)
1950 South Holly Street

Bills fans are notoriously rowdy, known for their epic, table-smashing tailgates. In Denver, there are a few places fans of the Buffalo team can head, including Wide Right which is named after an infamous missed field goal by Bills kicker Scott Norwood in Super Bowl 25. As Wide Right’s website declares, during the NFL season, Mondays and Sundays equal football.
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Stoney's in Cap Hill is friendly to fans of many teams, including the Brown's.
Dylan Burkhardt


Alpha Charlie's
6631 South Peoria Street, Centennial

Stoney's Bar and Grill
1111 Lincoln Street

Stoney's Uptown
1035 East 17th Avenue

The Browns are still helmed by Deshaun Watson, who served an eleven-game suspension last year for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy after over twenty women accused him of sexual misconduct. That can make rooting for the team leave a sour taste these days, but the die-hard Celevland faithful will still find plenty of places to catch a game.


The Tampa Bay NFL team doesn’t have any dedicated sports bars in Denver but on the Buccaneers subreddit, fans have occasionally organized meetups at the Dive Inn because it includes an actual boat as part of its decor, which fits with the pirate-themed team.


Tough luck, Cardinals fans. Denver doesn't have a bar for you. Now that Blake Street Tavern has closed, Arizona State University fans have designated Henry’s Tavern on the 16th Street Mall as their place to hang, so if you want to find some fellow Arizona pals, you could give Henry’s a shot.
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Society vSpirits has plenty of TVs.
Society Sports & Spirits Facebook


Society Sports and Spirits
1434 Blake Street

The Chargers are gonna Charger and that’s what they did in their first game of the season, managing to lose to the Miami Dolphins by just two points in the final two minutes of the game. Still, Justin Herbert is a king and the team always offers thrilling ups and downs that are best enjoyed in the company of others.
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Don's Club Tavern is a classic dive where Chiefs fans gather.
Molly Martin


Don's Club Tavern
723 East 6th Avenue

Chiefs fans are strongly disliked in Denver due to their recent success in comparison to the Broncos' recent failings. It’s never fun when a divisional rival scores win after win, including last year’s Super Bowl, while the hometown team just can’t keep up. But Chiefs fans will be met with only support at Don’s Club Tavern, a delightful dive bar that opens early on Sundays if the Kansas City team plays at 11 a.m.


Icehouse Tavern
1801 Wynkoop Street

Icehouse Tavern is all-in on Purdue football, so the NFL team from Indiana also finds a welcoming place on Sundays to enjoy watching the team best known in Denver as Peyton Manning’s former home.


Stoney’s Uptown Joint
1035 E 17th Avenue

Fans of the Commanders used to gather at Blake Street Tavern, which sadly shuttered earlier this year. Now they’ve made Stoney’s Uptown their new spot, successfully gaining sound on the patio in week one. Because the Washington team — which is under new ownership this year — is playing the Broncos in week two, there is also a fan rally at Tom’s Watch Bar on Saturday, September 15.


Sportsbook Bar & Grill
9660 East Arapahoe Road, Greenwood Village
52 West Springer Drive, Highlands Ranch

For some reason, Dallas Cowboys fans are inescapable in America, including in a city that should be bucking away from the team whose mascot is in charge of lassoing Broncos. Regardless, Cowboys fans are looking forward to a promising season that can be enjoyed at either Sportsbook Bar & Grill location.


Stoney's Cantina
30 South Broadway

Stoney’s Cantina is the outpost for Dolphins fans who are hoping this will be the year Tua Tagovailoa stays healthy and the team puts together a legit playoff run.


Larimer Beer Hall
2012 Larimer Street

Even though Philadelphia lost in the Super Bowl last year, the team sets up for another exciting season with Jalen Hurts leading the charge. Philly sports fans are some of the most flashy and rowdy in every league and the NFL is no exception. At Larimer Beer Hall, they rambunctiously root for their team each week.
Falcons fans gather at the Goat.
Courtesy of the Fainting Goat


Fainting Goat
846 Broadway

There isn’t a very large organized Falcon’s fandom in Denver, but they’ve been known to congregate at the Fainting Goat which shows all NFL games. With rookie running back Bijan Robinson expected to take the football world by storm, the beleaguered Atlanta team might just give fans a reason to renew their excitement.


1950 West 32nd Avenue

This counter-culture bar that often puts up a large screen outside to show games is a great spot for fans of any New York sports team, including the Giants. Will this be the year Danny Dimes finally shows he can be a true NFL quarterback?


The Jacksonville team is led by quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who probably has the best hair in the NFL. Fans used to occasionally meet up at Blake Street Tavern but haven’t really figured out what their next move will be. Enjoy watching that sweet prince at home!


Stoney's Bar and Grill
1111 Lincoln Street

You can’t make this up: in its first game of the season, after signing elite quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the former Packer tore his Achilles before the game reached the second half. Somehow the Jets still managed to beat the Buffalo Bills, who everyone thought would be the much better team. With rumors flying that New York is trying to sign retired vets like Tom Brady or Matt Ryan, loyal fans can enjoy each other’s company at Stoney’s.
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Candlelight serves Lions fans (and a damn good pub burger).
Sarah McGill


Candlelight Tavern
383 South Pearl Street

Lions fans rejoiced after the team won its first game of the season against the Chiefs, and Candlelight Tavern was in on the fun. “Waking up feeling like a million bucks, let's do this! It's our year!” it wrote on Facebook. The party will continue at the outpost all season

Dirty Laundry
2955 Ulster Street

This Central Park bar promises game sound for every Lions game.


1938 Blake Street

Badger's Pub
76 South Broadway

Wally's Wisconsin Tavern
1417 Market Street

Kentucky Inn
890 South Pearl Street

Tight End Bar
1051 East Colfax Avenue

Packers fans are some of the most die-hard in the NFL and even though the team lost Rodgers, it won its first game of the season. The Jordan Love era could prove to be just as romantic for the cheeseheads who have a variety of options for watching their team.


Will Call
3043 North Brighton Boulevard

Will Call is the home of Mile High Cats, the Denver fan club for the Panthers. In the Broncos most recent Super Bowl appearance, the team downed the Panthers and neither squad has really been relevant in the NFL since. Still, the cats have exciting rookie quarterback Bryce Young, and its fans always manage to have a blast.


Historian’s Ale House
24 Broadway

Pour House on Market
1410 Market Street

The Patriots played shockingly well in their week one game against the Eagles, and quarterback Mac Jones looked like he took all the comments voicing doubt about if he can really be a starter in the league seriously. Patriots fans have been sad ever since Tom Brady left, much to the joy of pretty much everyone else in the world, but there are still plenty of stalwart fans left in Denver and this year, they’re meeting at Historian’s on the back rooftop deck in good weather and indoors during poor conditions as well at at Pour House on Market.


The Rams are owned by Denver sports mogul Stan Kroenke and family, who also own the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Mammoth and Colorado Rapids. Still, there doesn’t seem to be any Rams-specific bars in Denver or any sort of organization around rooting for the team in the Mile High City.


This might be a list for non-Broncos fans, but in order to avoid being sentenced to life in a Colorado state penitentiary without parole, we cannot recommend a Raiders bar. Sorry.


Chopper's Sports Grill
80 South Madison Street

Chopper’s has been home to Ravens fans for years and with Lamar Jackson and rookie Zay Flowers already appearing to have a stellar connection the bar, they could be popping this season.


Stoney's Bar and Grill
1111 Lincoln Street

With former Saints coach Sean Payton now in charge of the Broncos, it could get a little extra uncomfortable for fans of the New Orleans team this year. But at Stoney’s Bar and Grill, they’ll always be welcome and will find fellow people willing to scream, “Who Dat!”
Clock Tower Grill/Facebook


Clock Tower Grill
9360 Station Street, Lone Tree

Rhein House
1415 Market Street

Rocky Mountain Seahawkers, a dedicated group that roots for the Seattle team in Denver, meet up on game days at both the Clock Tower Grill and, for those closer to Denver, Rhein Haus. After feeling like they probably got the better of the trade that made Denver their longtime quarterback Russell Wilson’s home, these fans might just have an extra pep in their step this season.


Jackson's LODO
1520 20th Street

The Rusty Bucket
3355 South Wadsworth Boulevard, Lakewood

Society Sports and Spirits
1434 Blake Street

After many years of success, the Steelers hit a road block last season and the trend didn’t shift course in the team’s first game this year when it got trounced by the 49ers. Still, fans have a ton of options to catch a game in Denver.


Society Sports and Spirits
1434 Blake Street

The Houston Texans had the funniest final game of the season possible last year, winning the contest and therefore sealing the Bears in as recipients of the number one pick in the 2023 NFL draft instead of themselves. The team couldn’t even manage to lose correctly! Still, the only way to go is up for these fans.


There’s just not enough Titans fans in Denver for there to be a dedicated bar for the Tennessee team. But there’s no animosity towards Titans fans, so they’ll probably be happy at many of the city’s sports bars.
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Cap City Tavern is filled with Vikings fans on game days.
Sarah McGill


Cap City Tavern
1247 Bannock Street

The Damn Grille
8000 East Quincy Avenue

"Skol!" That is what you’ll most definitely hear if you head to Cap City Tavern or the Dam Grille during Vikings games. The dedicated fans always show up big, even though their team has never won a Super Bowl. It doesn’t seem like this will be their year but, hey, you never know.


Tony Tenderonis
1937 Market Street

The 49ers are rolling with Brock Purdy at quarterback. That’s something hardly anyone would have predicted a year ago, but here we are. After Blake Street Tavern closed, the Mile High 49ers selected new sports bar Tony Tenderonis as their next home.

If you know of another bar where fans of certain NFL teams gather, post a comment or email [email protected].
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