Ten Bottomless Mimosas for Less Than $15 in Denver

The weekend is calling, and so are the pitchers.
The weekend is calling, and so are the pitchers. Linger Facebook page
Few things in life are more rewarding than a mimosa at the end of a long week or the beginning of a relaxing weekend. Coming across a solid bottomless mimosa deal that pairs well with your brunch can be tricky, especially when you're on a budget, so when you see an entire list of deals for less than $15, you should immediately laminate it and mount it on your fridge. Here are the ten best bottomless-mimosa deals around town, listed from most expensive to cheapest.

Maddie's is home to a $15 bottomless-mimosa deal. - WESTWORD ARCHIVE
Maddie's is home to a $15 bottomless-mimosa deal.
Westword Archive
Maddie’s Restaurant
2425 South Downing Street

Maddie’s is a “great place for morning eats” (according to the restaurant's website) — and a great bargain for bottomless cocktails, too. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday, and the menu offers both Bloody Marys and mimosas for a $15 bottomless price. If you’re feeling fancy, you can choose between apple, cranberry, grapefruit, orange or pineapple juice for your daily allowance of fruit. The bottomless mimosa pairs well with our 2017 Best Eggs Benedict winner.

click to enlarge Root Down is ready with pitchers of mimosas. - ROOT DOWN'S FACEBOOK PAGE AND LIZZIE BANKS
Root Down is ready with pitchers of mimosas.
Root Down's Facebook Page and Lizzie Banks
Root Down
1600 West 33rd Avenue

Paired with an order of Vietnamese Almond Pancakes or a fried-egg sandwich, a bottomless mimosa at Root Down for $14 isn’t too shabby. House rules state that bottomless mimosas will be served only to guests who purchase a brunch entree, and last call for the special is at 3:15 p.m. See the full menu at

click to enlarge $13 for bottomless mimosas at Linger. - LINGER FACEBOOK PAGE
$13 for bottomless mimosas at Linger.
Linger Facebook Page
2030 West 30th Avenue

Given that Linger and Root Down are branches on the same Edible Beats family tree, it’s no surprise that Linger has a competitive bottomless-mimosa price, too. For $13, a classic mimosa can be yours, though the restaurant will cut you off with last call at 3 p.m. Take it to the rooftop while you still can this summer with Linger’s Beats and Brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

click to enlarge Get crafty with your $13 bottomless mimosa here. - THE CORNER OFFICE FACEBOOK PAGE
Get crafty with your $13 bottomless mimosa here.
The Corner Office Facebook page
The Corner Office
1401 Curtis Street

Feeling classy? Mix up your bottomless mimosa with prosecco, carrot juice and mango at the Corner Office for $13. Other spins on the classic weekend drink include brut champagne with peach and ginger, or brut rosé with grapefruit juice. A full brunch menu can be found at

The $10 bottomless-mimosa deal is still a steal. - MARK ANTONATION
The $10 bottomless-mimosa deal is still a steal.
Mark Antonation
3230 East Colfax Avenue

Times have changed on East Colfax. Though Mezcal’s bottomless mimosas are no longer $7 — they’re now $10 with the purchase of food and $15 if you’re just boozing — they’re still a steal. Despite the price increase, the mimosas still go great with Mezcal’s breakfast enchiladas, as seen on the restaurant's full menu at

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