Reader: Only People Who Hate America Eat Veggie Hot Dogs!
Mustard's Last Stand

Reader: Only People Who Hate America Eat Veggie Hot Dogs!

What will you be eating on this fine spring Sunday? With all the celebration of bunnies and baby chicks, and all that candy around the house, you might want to head out and find a fine veggie hot dog.

We recently served up our list of the ten best veggie hot dogs in Denver, and readers offered a few more options. With a side of their own opinions, of course.

Says Angelica: 

Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs has great options for meat-eaters and non-meat eaters.

Suggests JP: 

Ikea has the best at their check-out counter.

Comments Jason:

 Only people who hate America eat veggie hot dogs. Veggie says it all. Hot dogs are an all-American pastime.

Responds Dean: 

Vegans have a reputation for giving everyone their opinion about dietary choices, but all I see in that regard are insecure, macho shithead types who shit all over themselves if someone dares to make dietary choices rooted in compassion and sound health.

Notes Ron:

 What part of lettuce are the butt and lips? Cuz that's what I wanna eat when I eat a hot dawg.

Concludes Ryan: 

Tasty animal flesh for the win!

Veggie dogs aren’t new to the meatless scene, but they're getting better all the time.

For the record, here were our choices for the best places to find veggie hot dogs around town: Biker Jim's, Billy's Gourmet Dogs, Coors Field, Dog Haus, Meta Burger, Mustard's Last Stand, Sputnik, Steve's Snappin' Dogs and Whole Foods Market.

What's your favorite hot dog (meat or veggie) in Denver? Post a comment or email your choices to cafe@westword.com.

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