Despite massive egg recall, Denver restaurants aren't scrambling to yank the yolk

In spite of a massive outbreak of salmonella poisoning (1,300 cases at last count), and the resulting recall of more than 380,000 million eggs, Denver restaurants aren't scrambling to remove eggs Benedict, Cobb salads, croque madames or other egg dishes from their menus.

It's deviled eggs as usual at Steuben's, Interstate Kitchen + Bar and Park & Co. Of the three, Park & Co., located at 439 East 17th Avenue, is the only restaurant that's had to interrupt egg service due to the recall, and even that was just for a couple of hours, says manager Michael Saber.

"We caught it and remedied it and solved it," he says. "It has had zero impact on our business."

Interstate co-owner Joey Newman admits the situation threw the kitchen a minor curve, but nothing serious enough to axe the deviled eggs or other egg-centric dishes from its menu.

The restaurant, at 901 West Tenth Avenue, has had to juggle its egg sources, but chef Andre Laboto hasn't had any issues securing the quantities he needs. In fact, he even pulled off a large brunch event this past weekend.

"It's kind of a waiting game," Newman says. "As long as we stay on top of the game, it's fine. It's kind of the nature of the beast."

It's been smooth-sailing at Steuben's, located at 523 East 17th Avenue. The restaurant sources its eggs from local farms, according to executive chef Brandon Biederman, and therefore hasn't had to contend with the recall.

All three men say diners haven't expressed concerns about their egg supplies either. "I haven't had anyone ask me about it," Biederman claims. "Not one concern."

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