Reader: Whiskey Row Is Going to Make BroDo Bro-ier Than Ever

The country-Western entertaining a Denver crowd in 2016.
The country-Western entertaining a Denver crowd in 2016.
Brandon Marshall
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The explosive growth of RiNo as a nightlife center has drawn business away from the Ballpark neighborhood, where the 1900 block of Market Street is going through some big changes. So big, in fact, that this week we asked: "Is LoDo's party scene dying?"

The answer appears to be yes, at least when you consider that LoDo's Bar & Grill, an entrenched party destination, has become irrelevant in its namesake neighborhood. Earlier this year, the 25-year-old bar and grill at 1946 Market Street was purchased by MSCV Holdings, a joint venture of Kenneth Monfort, Jason Marcotte and Matt Runyon, which just announced its plan to close LoDo's next spring and begin construction on Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row, a link in the country-rock star's chain of breastaurants that already has four locations in Nashville and the Phoenix suburbs. According to the new owners, "Whiskey Row will serve as the catalyst that transforms this area into [a] world-class Ballpark district."

Responds Bob:

The arrogance of these pinheads! "Transform the area into a world-class... "! They really believe that their business will accomplish something that's already been done?

Adds Nikolas:

 Sure to be a hit. Everyone knows: Celeb + food trends that are two years too late + clever-sounding drinks= success! If they make it to opening day, I will be shocked. Will make a nice building for whomever takes over, though.

Suggests Mike: 

Well, that's gonna suck in more of the useless suburbanite inbred Beckys and Chads to the BroDo shitshow.

Replies Kristin: 

BroDo is going to be broier than ever. Fabulous. 

Notes Brian:  

I guess I did pick the right time to quit drinking.

Responds Chris:

 Great idea if this was 1997.

Suggests Alycia:

We may have to actually go downtown cause I kinda wanna see it...

Responds Chops: 

The people complaining about this closing fall into two categories: you’re ‘upset’ about a bar closing that you go to, what, maybe a couple times a year when you travel into the ‘big city,’ and trash people who don’t know how to act in bars went to either LoDo's or Tavern.

Andrew brings things back to basics:

What in tarnation is a Dierks Bentley?

Concludes Luigi: 

Another "old man yells at cloud" reporting piece....His place in Scottsdale is packed every single day/night. It's also the official bar of the Broncos. 

As Mark Antonation reports (or "yells at cloud"), the newest Whiskey Row will expand the original LoDo's footprint, taking over a parking lot next door and upgrading the facade and second-floor rooftop as well as making improvements to the former Mattie's House of Mirrors building at 1942 Market Street (which currently serves as home to Neon Baby and started life as a Victorian brothel). The LoDo neighborhood has experienced other recent upheavals, with the Tavern Downtown and Cowboy Lounge closing after their building was sold, and the twenty-year-old Cook Street School of Culinary Arts moving out of the area and into the Golden Triangle.

MSCV Holdings also purchased the two LoDo's Bar & Grill outposts in Westminster and Highlands Ranch but plans to keep them operating as is. So after next spring, if you want the full LoDo's experience, you'll have to look beyond LoDo to get it.

What do you think of the changes in LoDo? In the Ballpark neighborhood? Will Whiskey Row add to the scene? Post a comment or share your thoughts at cafe@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.