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One of Denver's Best Dim Sum Palaces Is Now Closed

King's Land will soon become Savory Vietnam Pho & Grill.
King's Land will soon become Savory Vietnam Pho & Grill. Mark Antonation
King's Land Seafood Restaurant at 2000 West Alameda Avenue has been a weekend destination for Chinese families and other dim sum fanatics for more than fifteen years, but the carts wheeled through the cavernous dining room for the last time on December 31. And then the King gave up the throne.
The Chinese restaurant was most notable for its dumplings, buns, turnip cakes, steamed chicken feet and other dim sum delicacies, but it was also an excellent dinner spot for seafood dishes and a dependable purveyor of siu mei pork and whole duck. And because of its sheer size and ability to serve large groups, it was also one of the top Chinese venues for weddings and other celebrations.

No one was answering the phone there on January 2, and we were unable to talk to the owner of King's Land about the reasons for closing.

The building will not be silent for long, though. A banner on the front facade is already announcing the arrival of Savory Vietnam Pho & Grill, and construction workers were busy inside renovating the front foyer. Savory Vietnam will open on Friday, January 4.

King's Land, which won several Best of Denver awards, including Best Dim Sum in 2016, was part of a nucleus of Chinese restaurants in southwest Denver that now includes Super Star Asian Cuisine just across the parking lot, The Empress Seafood Restaurant a few blocks away on West Alameda Avenue, and Star Kitchen on West Mississippi Avenue. If you want to do the yum cha (as the tea-and-bites combo is known) thing, these two are a good bet, although King's Land always had the best fry cart, turning out crisped potstickers and turnip cakes to order.
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Mark Antonation is the former Westword Food & Drink Editor. In 2018, he was named Outstanding Media Professional by the Colorado Restaurant Association; he's now with the Colorado Restaurant Foundation.
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