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Get Out and TakeOut: A Stop at Dimestore Delibar Pays Off

Food for thought at Dimestore Delibar, a market as well as a restaurant.
Food for thought at Dimestore Delibar, a market as well as a restaurant. Westword
The owners of Dimestore Delibar, Tim Dotson and Chris Fuentes, had a tough time getting their LoHi spot open at the end of 2019; they'd done a lot of their own remodeling to the awkward space at 1575 Boulder Street that had housed Low Country Kitchen, and that had caused delays with the city permitting process.

But in some ways, all of those challenges prepared them for these rough days. "It's like when we opened," the alarmingly optimistic Fuentes told me when I stopped in at the combo restaurant/neighborhood market for a to-go order last night.

I'd ordered a Cuban version ($13, includes one side) of the "dimeroll," the rolled focaccia sandwich that Dotson more or less invented, taking spongy focaccia from Trompeau Bakery, toasting it on one side, and rolling it up around housemade ingredients. (Good news: I spotted plenty of focaccia in the storage refrigerator.) And then to turn up the heat, I'd added the spicy (very) grilled bean salad ($9).

Hold the toilet paper, though they had plenty in the market side of their joint.

Forget something on your shopping list? - MARK ANTONATION
Forget something on your shopping list?
Mark Antonation
While there was an early run on the single rolls of TP that Dimestore Delibar had stocked on the market side, those supplies are now mostly afterthoughts that people pick up when they come in for a to-go food order. Folks who haven't been to Dimestore Delibar before are usually surprised to see the deli section; those items are moving well, too, as people restock their refrigerators with tasty treats.

For a solid meal as well as random supplies, it's hard to beat Dimestore Delibar. You can see what's available online and order in advance; the owners offer free delivery for orders over $20 (and also $5 off on your next order), and with their solid stock, it's not hard to hit that mark. Find out more here.

While all restaurants in Colorado are closed to dine-in eating, they're allowed to offer takeout, drive-thru and delivery service. We've been visiting a different one doing so every day, to let you know what options are available; find more on our list of restaurants offering pickup and delivery.
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