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Doc holds out a cookie (diet) to world's fattest woman

Still fat, part deux.

Donna Simpson, the female fatty from New Jersey who wants to eat her way to 1,000 pounds, now has a doctor in her kitchen corner.

Dr. Sanford Siegal, "a practicing physician in South Florida best known as the creator of the popular Dr. Siegal's COOKIE DIET weight-loss system and foods," according to the announcement sent out from his office, "confirmed today that he has offered Donna Simpson of Old Bridge, New Jersey, $50,000 if she'll end her much-publicized quest to reach a weight of 1,000 pounds and, instead, achieve a healthful weight."

The good doctor sent a letter to Simpson's home with the terms.

First, she must stop eating. If she stops trying to gain weight, she gets 10K right there. Then she'll need to go on a weight-loss diet. The remainder of the money would be paid out in weight increments: 10K for every 100 pounds she loses. "As for how you lose the weight, that's up to you," Siegal wrote Simpson. "I don't care which method of weight loss you choose as long as it doesn't involve surgery (let's not try to correct one ill-advised action with another) and is approved by your doctor. If you wish to follow Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet, which has worked very well for generations of dieters, I'll provide for free the cookies and shake mixes that will keep your hunger in check as you follow a reduced-calorie diet. Also at your option, I'll recommend a physician in New York City who uses Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet in his practice and who I believe would treat you at no cost."

By the time she drops enough weight from her 600-pound frame to tip the scale at 200 pounds, Simpson would have collected $50,000 of Siegal's money.

As for the good doctor? He'll collect a fortune in free publicity.

That's the way the Cookie Diet crumbles.

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