Door to Door Organics drops off fresh veggies right at your front door

It's harvest season, and what's getting us going are the heaps of fresh produce available on tables all across the city. But sometimes you want a fresh salad, and you don't want to have to leave the house for it. This is where Door to Door Organics is awesome: It delivers fresh, organic produce to your home. No lines, no grocery stores, no reservation lists. Just good food.

The haul we took in included lettuce, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, baby eggplant and shallots (all pictured), as well as kale, bok choy, avocado and potatoes. The boxes contain different mixes of produce each week (this week in the bitty box, the most popular size, you can get collard greens, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, yams, green bell peppers, red seedless grapes, red sweet cherries, yellow nectarines and avocado.

Door to Door Organics even delivered to us in Morrison. Now, that's service.

We made a salad with the lettuce, cucumbers, grape tomatoes and avocado; we'll be making a Thai green curry later this week and using the shallots for that (with bok choy as a side), juicing the kale with the rest of the cucumber and snacking on the grape tomatoes. (If you have any suggestions for what to do with the eggplant, let us know!)

If you're interested in trying the service, new Door to Door Organics customers can enter the code "westword" to receive 40 percent off the "bitty box." And you heard it here first: Door to Door Organics has just launched a recipe service. Each week on the website, you'll find new recipes customized to your produce and grocery selections. When you select recipes you'd like to make that week, the online interface will direct you toward other ingredients needed for the dish (and allow you to print a shopping list for any items the service doesn't carry, as well as customize recipe recommendations based on ingredients already in your pantry or refine your search by dietary restrictions -- vegan included).

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