Dozens "is going nowhere," owner says

Don't be fooled by the prominent "For Sale" signs flanking the exterior of Dozens. John England, owner of the longtime Denver breakfast and lunch spot, wants his customers to know that Dozens is still very much open for business and is not for sale.

The two "ugly real estate" signs were installed to advertise the availability of the parking lots that surround the restaurant at 236 West 13th Avenue, England says, but people have thought Dozens is on the block, too. "I get questions every day if I'm selling Dozens," he writes. "Longtime customers are concerned that I'm being pushed out. I'm sure I'm only hearing a small percentage of the reaction and that has me worried."

So far, he's had no luck convincing the lots' owner to move the signs -- so instead, he's taking his message directly to his customers. "I want to be very clear Dozens is going nowhere," he says. And not only is Dozens open for business, he notes, his family is looking forward to celebrating the restaurant's 25th anniversary in October, with "awesome" breakfast deals and other festivities.

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