Drinking buttered coffee at Mmm...Coffee Paleo Bistro

If you're not familiar with the Paleo diet by now, you're probably living in a cave. In a nutshell, it involves shunning grains, sugars and processed foods in favor of meats, eggs, vegetables, a little fruit and occasional nuts and seeds. Fat is good, especially if it's the kind of fat that nutritionists have been telling us to avoid for the past fifty years. There's science behind the diet and lifestyle, according to practitioners, but I'll leave that to the experts. For my part, I like butter, especially expensive butter from pampered cows. Which is why I occasionally stop for a Bulletproof coffee at Mmm...Coffee, a tiny shrine to ancestral eating tucked into the courtyard of the 910Arts building in the Santa Fe Art District.

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Mmm...Coffee owner Jami Fynboh makes her version of Bulletproof coffee (an invention of Internet health guru Dave Asprey) by fortifying a double-shot Americano -- she uses beans from Kaladi Brothers -- with two tablespoons of butter from grass-eating cows and one tablespoon of MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil. A quick whirl in a high-speed blender emulsifies all that fat into the coffee so the texture stays creamy without separating. And yes, that's a whole lot of butter, even if you choose to ignore the MCT oil (which I believe is extracted from cold-pressed, hormone-free biochemists). No matter, the resulting concoction tastes almost entirely of rich coffee and butter, with no sweeteners, syrupy flavors or even my other favorite: whisky. The MCT oil adds just a hint of coconut and science-based smug satisfaction.

The idea behind Bulletproof coffee is that it's breakfast in and of itself. And probably lunch and a fair portion of dinner, too. It's also an excellent replacement for that lost tube of lip balm in situations where you don't want to be seen rubbing a stick of butter on your lips.

The energy boost from a cup lasts longer than that of standard cappuccinos and lattes, which makes sense considering the caloric payload delivered, and there's no mid-morning crash of the kind brought on by a morning muffin or Pop-Tart. While I wouldn't indulge in a Bulletproof coffee every morning (unless I owned my own dairy farm), it's an occasional lavish treat that I can justify by pointing to the nutritional expertise of tens of thousands of online blog commenters. Surely they can't be wrong.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.