Drinking the haterade: Readers weren't so into the live octopus hot pot

We knew when we posted the video of the live octopus hot pot at Sik Gaek in Queens that we'd stir some feelings of outrage. And we weren't disappointed. Haterade poured in on Digg, Youtube and Cafe Society, decrying us for what we ate.

We already gave special recognition to a particular venomous reader, ivan shadowsong rahl, who said:

go fuck yourselves, you depraved morons. If I were there, you would all be dead, you sick fucks. you have no honour to make animals suffer like this. and to anon. pussy: the octopus and animals did try to escape- YOUr sick fuckers pushed em back in and they are so small compared to our size and can't fight back, you dumbo! If I were there, it will be all you who burn.

But with so many vengeful comments -- which targeted everything from our compassion to our race and religion -- we wondered if we were really doing the hatred justice by citing just one person's feelings.

So here are seven more of our favorite spiteful comments, which, including ivan's, makes one angry note for each leg of the sacrificed animal.

Ditsie (via Youtube):


The Spongion (via Youtube):

whoever eats this is fucking sick. and i don't mean sick because of the abuse the sea creatures go thru in that pot. i mean sick because these things are fucking disgusting and you'd have to be crazy to eat them. they are fear factor material. i'll stick with my beef, lamb and chicken tyvm!

earthpipe (via Digg):

It's not so much the sight of the food that's disturbing; it's the fuck-witted yukking of the diners that's so galling.

grikkith (via Digg):

Pfft, live octopus ain't no big deal. For example, this one time, after I was imprisoned for 15 years, I went to a sushi bar and this familiar looking woman was behind the counter. I told her I wanted to eat something alive. She brought out some octopus and I ate that shit like a badass. Then I passed out. I'd continue this but I gotta go beat up a shitload of people with a hammer.

consig1iere (via Digg):

I've asked this before and I will ask this again, why are white people so fucked up? I am not one of those animal hugging people but being amused by anything dying slowly in front of your eyes is just plane sick. By the way I am not being a racist, I am just putting down the statistics. Yes I know not all white people are like that (I have white friends) but most of the messed up people are whites. Why?

Joan (posted on my review of Seoul BBQ, which contained a paragraph of description of Sik Gaek):

Just reading the opening of the review made me want to vomit. The only reason she could possibly sit there and watch that animal die in complete agony and then stuff her face is only because the octopi could not scream out it's pain- had the animal been a cute little puppy thrown into a searing pan to be burned and cooked alive while it yelped and howled and screamed with it's flesh and fur burning, I'm guessing little Laura (who is probably a compassionate Christian, right ?), would not have sat there and gleefully eaten a small puppy burned alive for her to eat. Oh, and attacking PETA, people who devote and risk their lives to save animals from abuse and cruelty ? WTF, Laura? Feeling guilty about enjoying the suffering of animals ? You and your article sicken me.


@ivan shadowsong rahl Strangely enough, that's how I want to go. In a steaming bowl of Pho. Plus I am not too scared of a Vegetarian/ Vegan. I'm guessing the lack of animal protein in your system wouldn't really make you a viable candidate to kick my ass.

Okay, the last one wasn't hate -- but it was too funny to omit.

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