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EDGE Restaurant and Bar now open at the Four Seasons

At high noon today, EDGE Restaurant & Bar, the swanky food temple overseen by British exec chef Simon Purvis, opened at the Four Seasons, the ritzy, high-style slumbering pad at 1111 Fourteenth Street that's been months in the making.

The restaurant, accented with dark woods, marble, stacked ebony stone and a show-stopping, backlit wine cellar, is trumpeted as a "progressive American steakhouse," and while there's no shortage of beeferies in the Mile High City, public relations director Dana Lauren Berry insists that's what Denverites wanted. "We did a lot of research before opening and talked to a lot of different people here, and the overriding choice was a steakhouse," she says.

The restaurant struts breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, the latter of which hustles a familiar board of fish and seafood dishes and prime grade, Colorado-raised beef and bison and chops, all of which can be bumped up with sauces or toppings, including seared foie gras or butter-poached half lobster. Requisite steakhouse side dishes -- truffled macaroni and cheese, steamed asparagus or broccoli, creamed corn and creamed spinach -- are served a la carte (natch'), but the best of the parade is the English bubble & squeak, Purvis's take on mashed potatoes, served in small cast iron cookware.

That dish, and several others, are part of the food-centric slide show that we put together last week.

For more info, call 303-389-3000.

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