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Edgewater Public Market Will End Dog-Friendly Policy

Beginning March 1, your fluffy friend will only be allowed on the outdoor patios of Edgewater Public Market.
Beginning March 1, your fluffy friend will only be allowed on the outdoor patios of Edgewater Public Market. Michael Emery Hecker
For dog people and their furry friends, the pet-welcoming confines of Edgewater Public Market proved a paradise too good to be true. When the food hall and retail market opened at 5505 West 20th Avenue last November, its rules allowed well-behaved canine companions to accompany their owners into the spacious dining hall, which is surrounded by more than a dozen counter-service food and beverage vendors.

But the food hall's dog days are numbered.

Late last week, Edgewater Public Market announced on its Facebook page and signs posted on the entrance doors that it would stop allowing dogs into the food hall's dining room beginning March 1.

Here's the posted message:

We regret to inform you that due to state health regulations we will no longer allow dogs inside the food hall on a daily basis effective March 1st. We appreciate all of you who have brought and shared your dog with us, and we look forward to seeing you and your furry friends on our main level patios. Stay tuned for specific dog-friendly events that will be coming soon at Edgewater Public Market.
The town of Edgewater is located in Jefferson County, and the Jefferson County Public Health Department originally gave the food hall the green light for pooches because each food vendor operates its own distinct restaurant space, all of which were separately inspected (and required to be dog-free), and Edgewater Public Market managed the communal dining space, where no food prep occurs.

But that arrangement proved too close for Colorado officials' comfort.

While the State of Colorado may frown upon pets in food-service areas, new legislation has been introduced that, if passed, will at least make it easier for you to enjoy patio time in public with your dog. Senate Bill 20-78 just passed a Senate vote and now heads to the House. 
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