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Fighting for the American way -- but not fueled by American fast food

There's a saying that war is not won on an empty stomach, but American officers on the battlefields of Afghanistan seem to have forgotten that adage, since Reuters reports that some American eateries have been stricken from the menu there.

Kandahar, the location of our biggest base in that opium-based country, has just given marching orders to a few restaurants. This is a war zone, not an "amusement park," explained Command Sergeant Major Michael Hall. After all, the troops will still have access to their own mess halls with all the comforts of home.

After the contracts of a number of fast-food joints and quick casual places end, so will the troops' easy access to junk food. Military leaders have determined that the Burger King and his court -- Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen, T.G.I. Fridays, among others -- are taking up valuable resources needed for war. What resources? The King is serving a greasy patty on a stale sesame bun.

Of course, there are some who do not agree with these changes. And I don't blame them. Since we're asking our red-blooded soldiers to keep fighting for the right of those back home to eat burnt cow with processed cheese, no reason they shouldn't be able to enjoy the same thing on the front.

Let's make sure that we keep fighting the good fight: USA, USA...

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