First Look: Bitter Bar reopens today with James Lee as owner

A half-dozen years ago, there was a

race to see which restaurateur would open the first hip noodle bar

in the area. Frank Bonanno won when he opened


at the very end of 2008; soon after, Dave Query's Big Red F group debuted

Happy Noodle House

at 835 Walnut Street in Boulder, and XO took over an addition built on the back of the Jet Hotel. While Bones is still going strong, XO is long-gone (as is its replacement, a

Swing Thai

outpost), and Big Red F dropped Happy in favor of

Bitter Bar

, a

hip concept that had developed within the space

. Now Big Red F is out of the location entirely, though, and master mixologist

James Lee is back as the owner of Bitter Bar


He closed the place a week ago for a quick renovation; it reopens today. Brandon Marshall stopped by yesterday and shot this sweet look at a new start for Bitter Bar.

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