First look: Homegrown Tap & Dough opens in Washington Park

Considering the earlier problems that restaurants have had at 1001 South Gaylord -- a link in the Telluride-based Brown Dog pizza outfit never even opened because of neighborhood opposition, and although the New Mexico-based Il Vicino chain did start cooking here, neighbors complained about the smells emanating from the pizza oven -- the transition to Homegrown Tap & Dough was as smooth as the sauce on its pizzas. When Il Vicino turned off that oven in May (a second Il Vicino is still open in Littleton), Philip Failyou, owner of Park Burger, jumped at the chance to take it over for "a family-friendly place with wood-fired, thin-crusted classic and modern pizzas, pastas, antipasto, salads, a couple of main dishes -- think brick chicken -- and a great beer program."

He signed the lease in May and Homegrown Tap & Dough opened this past weekend. Lori Midson was there to photograph the action; keep reading for a taste. See also: Homegrown Tap & Dough replacing Il Vicino

Keep reading for more photographs of Homegrown Tap & Dough. Keep reading for more photos of Homegrown Tap & Dough.

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