These Five Home-Brew Shops Go Beyond Just Selling Supplies

These Five Home-Brew Shops Go Beyond Just Selling Supplies
Courtesy Brewmented
Home brewing can be an overwhelming hobby to venture into. In the past, home-brew stores were all similar — simple shops where customers could pick up supplies. But today, home-brew stores are much more. Some are engaging gathering places where beer lovers can watch sports on TV, sip beer or even throw a bachelorette party, and many offer classes and demonstrations to up your brewing game. Here are five home-brew supply stores offering more than just barley, hops and brewing equipment.

click to enlarge COURTESY CO-BREW
Courtesy CO-Brew
1133 Broadway

At CO-Brew, you can shop for supplies to take home for your own brewing session, or you can actually brew beer on site using state-of-the-art equipment, which is great for aspiring brewers who live in small apartments or who don’t want to deal with setup and cleanup. The shop also hosts bachelor and bachelorette parties and other groups, so you can brew a batch of beer to commemorate your life's events. Plus, CO-Brew makes its own range of beers that it serves at a small taproom at the back of the shop. Find eight rotating taps of fresh beer along with board games, trivia nights and televised Broncos games.

Courtesy Quirky Homebrew
Quirky Homebrew
425 West 115th Avenue, Northglenn

At Quirky Homebrew, selection is the focus. In fact, the shop claims to have one of the largest selections of beer-making ingredients in the country, with more than 300 varieties of malt products and 160 types of hops. This allows brewers to come in with a recipe and not have to make substitutions. Many of the goods are hard-to-find rarities, attracting both amateur and professional brewers for that one missing ingredient needed for the perfect brew.

Courtesy Broadway Brew Supply

Broadway Brew Supply
4391 South Broadway Avenue, Englewood

Broadway Brew Supply’s goal is to be a judgment-free zone for customers. Something that sets the shop apart is having a gluten-free expert on the staff to guide brewers who want to create gluten-free beer as well as cider and wine. Colorado-proud winemakers aren't forgotten; grapes here are sourced from Western Slope vineyards instead of California.

click to enlarge COURTESY BREWMENTED
Courtesy Brewmented
900 South Hover, Longmont
Brewmented wants to be the destination for all beer enthusiasts, not just home brewers. Housemade brews, as well as guest beers, make up an eclectic, rotating tap list filling fourteen handles. The dog-friendly store hosts a variety of events and speakers in addition to free home-brew classes, tap takeovers, meet-the-brewer nights, women-only gatherings and trivia nights.

Boulder Fermentation Supply
2510 47th Street, Boulder

Boulder Fermentation Supply is another home-brew store that doubles as a brewery, with BFS on one side, and a craft brewery called VisionQuest on the other. A large variety of beers on tap serves as inspiration for home brewers, from a dry Irish stout and Belgian dark strong ale to a pineapple-mango Berlinerweisse and a Norwegian IPA. Founders Adam Kandle and Greg Kallfa make sure you can trust their home-brewing advice by serving their own results by the pint.
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