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From foie gras to pho: A second helping of Cafe Society, July 1-5

This week Gretchen Kurtz reviewed Old Major, where chef/owner Justin Brunson is on a mission to introduce items like foie gras, truffles and caviar to people who aren't familiar with fancier food. Mark Antonation continued his trip up Federal Boulevard with a stop atPho 79, and Lori Midson chatted with Kelly Whitaker of Pizzeria Basta about his philosophy in the kitchen and his plans for a Denver restaurant.

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And in the meantime, six more restaurants opened in the metro area this week alone, three of them in Glendale's City Set complex.

Opening this week:

Big Smoke Burger, 650 South Colorado Boulevard Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria, 650 South Colorado Boulevard Harman's Eat & Drink, 2900 East Second Avenue Illegal Pete's, 270 South Broadway Mellow Mushroom, 9721 Park Meadows Drive, Lone Tree Udi's Cafe & Pizza Bar, 650 South Colorado Boulevard

Any news we missed on Cafe Society this week? Post it in the comments section below. And remember, you can write your own review of any of the places mentioned on Cafe Society by clicking on their Voice Places link.

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