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Reader: South Broadway's Great Bars Are Disappearing!

Reader: South Broadway's Great Bars Are Disappearing!
Sarah McGill
South Broadway is changing, and changing fast, with new bars and restaurants joining the lineup in Englewood all the time. But some classic watering holes remain. Last January, Sarah McGill visited the Englewood Tavern, which had just been the focus of a Bar Rescue rescue. This January, she profiled another longtime Englewood bar, the Full House Sports Bar & Grill, "a bit of an anomaly in an area so full of newcomers," she writes, "a dive bar with self-respect and a willingness to put in the effort to keep up with the times."

The space started life as a carhop spot, then became a Chinese restaurant. It turned into the Full House in 1969, and other than during a couple of short-lived interludes when the business was briefly sold and renamed, it's been the Full House. Rich Bolsinger is the current owner, and it remains a friendly neighborhood spot.

Says Christopher: 
I practically grew up in this bar, my family owned it for 35-plus years. Glad to see the current owners changed it back to the Full House bar. My Uncle Jack’s green chili is still the best I’ve ever had. Some call it a dive, but it’s always been a locals' bar! Thanks for the love.
Adds Jay: 
With all the hip new places coming in, we need to make sure spots like the Full House stick around.
Responds David: 
Thats because Englewood is such a shithole, there's nothing to do but go waste away your life on a bottle.
Counters Joe: 
Englewood should enjoy its old bars while it still has them. We don't want this strip to lose all of its character, as Broadway has in Denver, where dive bars are disappearing. I don't need to spend $15 on a cocktail on my way home to the 'burbs, I just need a cheap beer and some friendly talk.
And then there's this from Gordon:
 Englewood is only getting better; more people need to move here so the older, conservative anti-development crowd can move the hell out. So much opportunity to develop in Englewood.
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