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Get Your Beer Here: Brewers Guild Posts Interactive Beer To-Go Map

River North Brewery is one of many in Denver with to-go beer sales.
River North Brewery is one of many in Denver with to-go beer sales. River North Brewery
As a quick scroll through your social-media feed — most likely while you're on your couch in your jammies — will show, most of Colorado's craft breweries are selling beer to go these days, whether from makeshift drive-up windows, outdoor tents, curbside stands or simply from six feet behind the bar.

Some have bottles and cans, while others are filling portable Crowlers — 32-ounce aluminum cans — directly from the taps. A few are even selling kegs. For many, you can pre-order online and show up later, during specific windows of time that the breweries are now open.

On Thursday, the Colorado Brewers Guild, which advocates for the state's craft beer makers, posted an interactive map that shows who is offering to-go sales, merchandise and gift cards through phone and web orders — and what their current hours of operation are.

It was created by Megan Bleess, a Denver-area craft-beer geek who works with mapping software for a living; she hopes to be able to continue updating it and adding new tools. "I see lists shared all the time, and I think making that information into a map tells so much more of the story," she says. "This isn't an issue that is only in Denver, but across the entire state. You get a different perspective when you can see your information visually."

For most of these breweries, the to-go sales are simply a way to keep their heads above water while their taprooms are closed. But anything is something, the Guild says. "Use it to continue supporting your local breweries and help them survive this ordeal."
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