Greenpeace rates Colorado supermarket seafood

While Kroger is making efforts to improve its seafood sourcing practices, it is doing so at a "painfully slow pace," according to a "supermarket scorecard" recently issued by Greenpeace. That King Soopers's parent company might not be ultra-conscientious about where it gets its swordfish and orange roughy comes as less of a surprise, though, than Whole Foods's drop in the rankings to number three behind Target and Wegmans.

Whole Foods "continues to sell a tremendous amount of red list seafood options" and has been "resistant" to shift away from unsustainable species such as Atlantic halibut, Chilean seabass, and hoki, Greenpeace says. Meanwhile, Target has risen to the top of the heap as the "most sustainable seafood retailer in the United States," led by its recent decision to eliminate all farmed salmon from its stores.

Here are Greenpeace's Colorado-specific deets:

As customer demand for sustainable seafood increases around the state, there have been a number of interesting developments with supermarket chains operating in Colorado. Target moved to the number one position, surpassing Whole Foods (3rd) and Safeway (4th). King Soopers (operated by Kroger Foods) actually dropped in rank to 13th place. King Soopers had been 9th in ranking in last year's report.

Despite its progress, Target only earned an overall score of 63 out of 100. By comparison, Whole Foods scored 60, Kroger scored 32, and Wal-Mart scored 43. Go here for the entire Colorado supermarket breakdown, here for Greenpeace's "red list" of seafood from unsustainable fisheries.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.