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Guess where I'm eating?

It's only Tuesday, and already we've seen a green chile smackdown between El Taco de Mexico and Santiago's and a shout-out to all you vegheads for meatless verde recommendations that won't make the PETA terrorists people pissed.

And now, strictly by coincidence, comes the above photo of three rolled enchiladas smothered with -- what else? -- green chile (and, yeah, there's some red tossed on there, too, because that's the way I roll) taken at a local restaurant whose chef actually makes a fantastic green chile. But you'd never know it, because for whatever weird reason, no one ever talks about it.

Until now. Here's your chance to exercise your jaws, or at least your fingers, and name the restaurant with some of the most delicious unsung green chile in the city.
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Lori Midson
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