Breakfast and Brunch

Heading Out to Brunch? Beast + Bottle Has a Beastly Special

You're starting your three-day weekend, and there's only one way to start it right: with a long, leisurely brunch. Here's an option: Beast + Bottle opens at 10 a.m. this morning, but if you can wait to order until 12:30, you can indulge in the Beastly Brunch Burger special, which will be offered today and every subsequent Saturday — until the limited quantity runs out each week.

The Beastly Brunch Burger is a house-ground bison burger with pickled onions, tarragon aioli and sunny-side-up farm egg; to make it extra-special, it's served with hand-cut fries and a house draft beer for $15.

The Beastly Brunch Burger can be ordered at the bar, in the dining room or on the al fresco patio — which is the perfect place to toast the long weekend ahead. Find out more at

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