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Here's the scoop on Inside Scoop Creamery in Littleton

Andrew Myrhe and Steve Longman, friends since they met in junior high school, are opening Inside Scoop Creamery in historic downtown Littleton next week. "We are really excited to be in Littleton because it is a growing community with so many restaurants and family-friendly events," says Myhre. See also: - The ten best places to go for ice cream this summer - Best Ice Cream/Gelato 2013: Glacier Ice Cream - Peteybird Ice Cream Sandwiches wheels into downtown

Inside Scoop Creamery will offer 24 flavors of hard ice cream that will rotate each week. And Myhre and Longman are not opposed to adding other items. "We are going to listen to our customers and respond to their needs," says Myhre. "You never know! One day we may be a cozy coffee shop in the morning and then switch to serving ice cream the rest of the day."

Ice cream isn't the only scoop they're promoting, either; the shop has a newspaper theme that includes Norman Rockwell ice cream prints and entertaining quotes on the walls.

Although they still have a few days to go before opening, Myhre and Longman are already getting involved in the community; they handed out balloons with the Inside Scoop Creamery logo at the Littleton Main Street Block Party this past Saturday to share the scoop about their new shop.

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Rachel Wertz
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