Hi*Rise cooks up another reason to rise and shine

Breakfast burritos could be Denver's official food, but Hi*Rise's new breakfast sandwiches could give them a run for the money. "Breakfast burritos start the day for so many people," says Doug Anderson, who opened Hi*Rise at 2162 Larimer Street in March 2009. "It became a challenge to see how we could come up with a way to translate those flavors without the tortilla. I think we've come up with something really great."

That something includes the "Green Eggs and Ham" breakfast sandwich, which features a green chile bagel made with roasted green chiles and fresh jalapenos, as well as pepperjack cheese. "That combination has really been a hit," Anderson says.

Anderson has added other breakfast sandwiches to the lineup, including the Jalapeno -- made on the bakery's own focaccia bread, and featuring housemade black bean salsa -- as well as the Katz Delicatessen (egg, pastrami and Swiss cheese), the Bloody Mary (roast beef, an egg and Bloody Mary cream cheese) and the Little Italy (salami, cAppacolla, fresh pesto, egg and provolone).

Hi*Rise already had an extensive lunch and breakfast menu, and makes seven kinds of bread a day, as well as cinnamon rolls, muffins, cookies and cupcakes. For more info, go to www.hirisedenver.com or call 303-296-3656.

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