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Higher Oats, a breakfast cart, rolling out on the 16th Street Mall

Next week, tourists, commuters and downtown denizens will have a new eating option on the 16th Street Mall: the breakfast-themed Higher Oats.

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Founder Janel Amberson says the concept was inspired by the lack of healthy food options downtown. "I've noticed that there's a huge lack in healthy to-go food that's organic or all-natural or gluten-free," she explains. "So I really wanted to test this concept and see if it would work."

At Higher Oats, people will be able to choose between oatmeal, Greek yogurt or granola, and then add a variety of toppings.

The cart will roll out on Monday, January 13, and be on the mall weekdays from 6 to 11 a.m., offering a quick, healthy breakfast for those on the go, Amberson says. The business may start off slow because of the cold, she adds, but she anticipates it catching on fast. "I think people are going to love this idea," Amberson predicts. "It's gluten-free, it's organic and it's super-quick. The average transaction time will be between two and three minutes."

The cart will also offer a catering service, and Amberson hopes to expand hours and add a lunch menu in the future. She also plans to host a grand-opening celebration for Higher Oats within a few months.

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