Hooters girls donating their worn and torn pantyhose to the Gulf Coast oil spill efforts

Believe it or not, the Hooters girls aren't just about big tits and big tips. Turns out, the tight white T-shirt-clad females have a thing for pantyhose -- namely donating 100,000 pairs of shredded and torn close-fitting legware in an effort to help clean up the disastrous Gulf Coast oil spill.

I know! Titillating! In any case, the stockings will be stuffed with fleece, fur and hair (but not fur and hair originating from any Hooter girl body parts) to create oil-containment booms to protect marshlands and harbors. The philanthropic endeavor, dubbed Project Pantyhose, has the potential to absorb one million gallons of oil in the gulf, if the booms are reused eight times, the average life of a boom, which is well above the average shelf live of a Hooters server.

"Who would have thought our Hooters girls' pantyhose would have a use other than making the girl's legs look great," quipped Mike McNeil, the chain's VP of marketing in a press release. "The Hooters girls friendly service has just become environmentally friendly as well."

All 380 U.S. Hooters locations are collecting the hosiery for a four-week period, and by the time the stockings are gorged, there should be enough stuffage to bust out 15 miles of booms.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.