Hop on the Brewhop Trolley for a Beery Boulder County Experience

The Brewhop Trolley makes multiple tap room stops in Longmont, Niwot and Gunbarrel.
The Brewhop Trolley makes multiple tap room stops in Longmont, Niwot and Gunbarrel. Kristen Kuchar
Longmont is long on craft breweries, but they're spread out enough that a walking or cycling bar tour would prove a little exhausting. The Brewhop Trolley allows for all of the fun of exploring breweries, but without the hassle of getting from point A to point B. The hop-on, hop-off service, started by Longmont native David Lewis, lets you explore breweries, distilleries, and even a cidery in the Boulder County town.

For only $15, you can jump on at any one of thirteen stops. Hop off at whichever place you want to visit, and stay as long as you want. The trolley comes around about once an hour to pick up riders to head to the next spot. If there’s something you want to skip, just stay on board until you’re ready to stop.

Brewery stops include 300 Suns Brewing, Wibby Brewing, Pumphouse Brewery, Longs Peak Pub & Tap House, Shoes & Brews, Grossen Bart Brewery, Bootstrap Brewing, Left Hand Brewery and the Tasty Weasel by Oskar Blues. You’ll also swing by St. Vrain Cidery, Longtucky Spirits and Anvil Distillery.

With a positive response from riders on the Longmont loop, the Brewhop team added on a Gunbarrel and Niwot loop. You can transfer to that loop from Tasty Weasel to get to Beyond the Mountain Brewing, Asher Brewing Co., Avery Brewing, Finkel & Garf Brewing Co., Gunbarrel Brewing and the Niwot branch of Bootstrap. The Niwot/Gunbarrel loop costs $10, or you can pay $25 for both routes.

Some of the destinations offer discounts for riders, like $1 off your first beer. Brewhop’s Facebook page also lists all the activities, live music and other events at the breweries and distilleries, so you can plan your itinerary accordingly.

The trolley is more than just a safe and easy ride to multiple tasting rooms; the personable, friendly team goes above and beyond to make the day a fun and seamless experience. Riders can receive text messages that allow them to track the trolley, so they know when it’s headed they way. Coolers are available so any beer purchased can be stored on the trolley, along with cold bottled water.

The Brewhop Trolley runs every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 9 p.m. for the Longmont loop, with service to Gunbarrel and Niwot starting at 2 p.m. The company also offers a variety of Longmont food tours and day trips to Fort Collins and Denver.
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Kristen Kuchar is a Colorado writer covering dining and the beverage industry, including wine, beer, cider and spirits. Her articles have appeared in VinePair, the Beer Connoisseur, Beer Advocate,, Zymurgy and more. She has a WSET Level 1 certificate and is a Certified Beer Server by the Cicerone Certification Program.

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