Hopdoddy Brings Austin-Style Burgers to Denver on Monday

The first Hopdoddy Burger Bar opened in Austin, Texas in 2010. There will be seven locations on Monday, when the newest Hopdoddy opens next to Union Station. Hopdoddy President Dan Mesches says the company chose the location because of its combination of historic and modern surroundings. "We love the urban energy," he says. Hopdoddy is bringing its concept -- beef ground onsite several times daily and buns baked in-house -- to a crowded Denver burger market, but hopes the flavors and freshness will win over residents and tourists visiting this bustling part of LoDo.

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Hopdoddy features a showcase bakery with a window onto the plaza outside and a butcher counter where brisket and chuck are broken down and ground to make Hopdoddy's beef patties. But the menu also features lamb, tuna, chicken, turkey and vegetarian burgers; Mesches says the Greek burger with a lamb patty is one of his favorites.

Hopdoddy and "the city share a similar philosophy of supporting a mindfully-sourced agricultural economy and preserving the artisan crafts of food, beer and spirits," Mesches says. "Hopdoddy is privileged to be a part of the community."

To keep things local, the recipe for the buns was slightly reformulated for high-altitude baking (rather than bringing pre-baked buns from Texas), and even the gluten-free buns are made in the burger bar's kitchen. Also house-made: triple-fried Kennebec fries and limoncello and triple sec for the bar, which focuses on Colorado craft beers and spirits for the Denver location.

Unlike many other fast-casual restaurants, Hopdoddy makes sure you have a table before you get your food. While this can create a line, "We give tastes and you can also get a cocktail while in line." Mesches notes. Let's hope those lines don't start forming too early on Monday, when Hopdoddy will open for lunch.

Here's a look at what you can expect once the doors open.

Keep reading for more photos of Hopdoddy.

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