Interstate Kitchen & Bar owners will open Crimson Canary in former Mona's space

When the South Broadway outpost of Mona's closed two weeks ago, rumors were flying that local restaurateurs had bought the business and intended to open something new on that corner.

Those rumors are true: Chef Andre Lobato and his partners, Aaron Lobato and Joey Newman, the crew behind Interstate Kitchen & Bar, have taken over the address. And after a remodel, they'll open a joint there called Crimson Canary.

"It's our version of Italian American," Newman says. "We're drawing from the Mafioso era of great Italian food but done more at a superlative, hip level. This is not your usual red sauce kind of place. It's kind of like what we do here at Interstate applied to this type of food."

And while he won't yet divulge details of the menu, Newman will reveal that, as at Interstate, the focus will be as much on the bar as it is on the kitchen. "We want as many people down there for cocktails as there are for food," he says. To entice them, Crimson Canary will offer housemade cellos -- like lemoncello and grapefruit cello -- in a sexy atmosphere conducive to drinking.

Which should fit right in on that stretch of South Broadway.

The partners just signed the deal to secure the space, and are quickly getting to work on their plans. Newman says they're hopeful that Crimson Canary will start singing by late September -- and definitely before fall turns to winter.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.