It's a National Coffee Day miracle! Arby's finally acknowledges Adam Cayton-Holland

Sucked coffee through roast beef straw, snorted two Jamocha Shakes! @Arbys: Today is @NtnlCoffeeBreak Day! Anyone having a Jamocha Shake? :)less than a minute ago via Echofon

Former Westword staff writer and current comedian Adam Cayton-Holland has been tweeting replies to the official Arby's twitter account for over a month now. His particular brand of customer response is perhaps not what the company had in mind when it ventured into the world of social media. But today, on National Coffee Day, Arby's entered the ring -- sort of.

The conversation started as you see above: Arby's twitter engages mostly in boring updates delivered with a plasticy smile. Today, it innocently asked if anyone was partaking in a Jamocha shake for National Coffee Day -- and Adam made a joke about drugs and depravity.

Whatever intern runs the Arby's twitter is either really bored or mechanically earnest, because he/she replied by asking Adam if snorting Jamocha shakes gave him a brain freeze. Which led to:

For three hours! LOLZ!!!!!! Listen, can I score some free shit? RT @Arbys: @CaytonHolland Wow, did you get a brain freeze while doing that?less than a minute ago via Echofon

So there it is. We can only hope Arby's hires him as an official spokesman so he can spread the word about its ass-shaped logo.

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