Jeff Herndon designed the new tap handle for Odell's #OhMyGourd pumpkin brew

When Odell Brewing Co. partnered with Cafe Society on a contest in honor of our upcoming 2012 Denver Web Awards, we knew the results would be great. At the ceremony, which will be held at RedLine on Thursday to honor the best and brightest minds in digital Denver, the brewery will serve its new pumpkin beer, the web-savvy #OhMyGourd, and a few weeks ago, we offered you, our dear readers, the chance to design its tap handle. It turns out we were right about the contest: Pumpkins + Colorado beer + creativity = a recipe for success. After discussing the submissions with organizers at Odell, we selected Jeff Herndon's design (teased above) as the winner of the competition, meaning he'll be rewarded with both swag and first drinking rights at the Web Awards.

But there's good news: All of our contestants are invited to come and try it, too. Continue reading for more details and photos of our favorite runners-up.

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And here's the full image:

Thanks to Denver's trustworthy beer enthusiasts -- and Cafe Society's loyal readers -- the competition came with no shortage of interesting entries over the past few weeks. Below, we've compiled a few of our favorite runners-up, starting with this honorable mention:

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