La Playa dries up in Centennial

Ever since he left Colorado in 2000 and returned to Texas to finish up college in his home state, it was Israel Trevino's dream to get back here. In the meantime, though, he opened two outposts of La Playa Mexican Cafe in Harlingen and Austin, Texas -- which did well enough that he explored the possibilities for opening a third location in metro Denver.

That Tex-Mex spot opened this spring at 7685 East Arapahoe Road in Centennial. But it's already dried up.

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Trevino grew up in Houston, where his family was in the restaurant business. He started washing dishes and bussing tables for his dad when he was fourteen and opened his first restaurant with the help of his father in 2006. "If anything good comes out of Texas, it's food," Trevino told Cafe Society in April. "So we're really proud of our food and we're really proud of our product."

Trevino sold his Austin restaurant once he decided to relocate his family to Colorado, bringing two chefs and one manager along with him.

"I think we're different from any other Mexican restaurant in the area," Trevino had told us. "You're not going to find 50 percent of the items we offer anywhere else."

And now you're not going to find them at all in metro Denver. The space is vacant, with this note on the door: "Closed for Business. Thanks for all of your support, Colorado."

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