Luciano's Pizza and Wings closed for unpaid taxes

Luciano's Pizza and Wings

has a number of signs on its windows, letting potential customers know that the restaurant is no longer open on Mondays. There is also a different kind of sign that lets people know Luciano's will not be open on any day that ends in a "y": a notification of tax seizure. The pizza joint at 1043 Broadway has been seized by the city for non-payment of taxes.

The Buffalo-style restaurant has gone through tough times recently. Last May, there was a lockout order placed on its front door stating that the space's landlord, nightclub kingpin Regas Christou, who owns the Church, Vinyl, Funky Buddha and Bar Standard, Mo's and the Living Room -- all right next to Luciano's -- might change the locks on the space.

That turned out to be a misunderstanding between Luciano's owners and Christou, however, and the restaurant was closed for only five days for a minor remodel, then reopened with the issues with Christou reportedly resolved.

Now the restaurant owners have more than an angry landlord to deal with: Yesterday a distraint warrant was posted on the front door for just over $3,700 in unpaid taxes. A call to Luciano's leads only to a full voice mail box.

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