Marrakesh closes to make way for TD's Dogs

The 1500 block of Blake Street is one of the most restaurant-centric spots in the city, and although one of those restaurants -- Marrakesh, at 1530 Blake -- just closed, it will soon be replaced by TD's Dogs.

Todd Regan calls his concept "all-American food," which means TD's Dogs will be serving hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and macaroni and cheese. "It'll be good, too. I mean, I think I'm a pretty good cook," he says with a chuckle. That menu will be paired with offerings from a small bar.

This is Regan's first restaurant venture in Denver; the deal to take over the Marrakesh space closed earlier this week, according to Mike Greenberg of Sanborn and Company, who handled it. "He'll take a month or two to rehab it," Greenberg says. "The place was set up for an eatery, and this is more of a bar concept. He's making some pretty dramatic changes, like moving the bar up front instead of leaving it buried in the back."

"I'm not totally sure how much I'm going to have to do yet," Regan admits. But no matter what, he'll be serving dogs by the time spring starts turning to summer -- and baseball season swings into full gear.

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