Mayor McCheese takes a bite out of crime in England

In the village of West Yorkshire, England, a police force of extraordinary magnitude is taking shape -- the shape of burgers.

Due to budget cuts, the town's police force has been pared down to a bare minimum -- so local merchants have decided to use "street marshals" to help in the fight against crime, according to this report. The participating businesses include the local McDonald's, which is using its own employees to take a bite out of crime.

Since the end of July, almost thirty McDonald's marshals have been assisting the bobbies in their fight against crime while on break from the fry station.

Vernon Francis, chief inspector for the village, told Police Review that the system "saves us on cops. The imperative (for businesses like McDonald's) is that while they are paying for the staff who become marshals, they benefit from the extra police presence in their area."

Let's hopoe that Mayor MccCheese has the court well-staffed to deal with any miscreants these marshals nab.

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