McDonald's bathroom door comes unhinged, unhinges woman

Greetings from the Great White North, where the men are men and the women are wimps. Holly McDermott recently filed a $300,000 claim against the burger behemoth, complaining that a bathroom-stall door fell on her while she was doing what people usually do after consuming anything at McDonald's.

McDermott had gone to her local McDonald's in Edmonton, Canada, for coffee on January 16, 2009, then headed into the ladies' room, where a door came off its hinges and fell on her, she says, injuring her head, neck, upper back, left shoulder, arm, left leg, chest, left hand, index finger, right foot and four ribs.

For that much damage, Ronald McDonald must have been behind the door -- and was on top of it when it landed on her.

Because of her injuries, McDermott claims, she is unable to do normal social, family and recreational activities, much less perform her housekeeping and home-maintenance responsibilities.

Including cooking? If her family has to resort to McDonald's in order to get sustenance, let's hope they make sure the stalls are good to go before they go.

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