Openings and Closings

Mexican Seafood Restaurant to Open in the T-Wa Inn Space on Federal

After thirty years, the T-Wa Inn -- billed as Denver's first Vietnamese restaurant, a claim no one has disputed -- finally closed in June. But Federal Boulevard is nothing if not efficient in reclaiming, renovating and moving on. After a few early signs of a new tenant (the faux-stone trim on the facade) appeared, a banner has gone up proclaiming that a Mexican seafood cantina, Mariscos el Licenciado, will be opening soon.

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Since Mexican and Vietnamese eateries dominate the restaurant landscape on Federal Boulevard, especially south of Alameda, it was only a matter of time before one or the other took over the vacant space. For now, New Saigon just down the street won't have to worry about fresh competition in the crowded Vietnamese scene.

Mariscos el Licenciado currently operates a food truck serving ceviches, seafood cocktails, soups, and fish and shrimp tacos, and plans to do the same in this brick-and-mortar location. The restaurant will join a number of other seafood-themed restaurants on Federal preparing dishes based on the cuisine of the coastal Mexican state of Sinaloa.

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